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          2018 Small Coach Tours


                                                                       La Belle France
                                                    Paris to Nice through Vineyards & Mountains

                                                             Provence & the French Riviera
                                                                    A Taste of Bordeaux

                                                       London to Paris via the Channel Islands

United Kingdom                                      Battlefields
                                                            WW1 Battlefields, 5 days/4 nts, from Lille
                Battle of Britain
             Corners of Cornwall                    D-Day: Battles for France, 5 days / 4 nts,from London
             Cornwall Food Tour NEW                                           Battle of Britain

               Heart of England                     Spain & Portugal
           The Garden of England
            Chelsea Flower Show                                      Highlights of Northern Spain
          Historic Eastern England                                          Iberian Inspiration
                                                                            Discover Portugal
              Highlight os Britain                                          Madeira Highlights NEW
             Royal Tour of Britain NEW
           The Wonders of Wales                     Switzerland
London to Paris via the Channel Islands                      Mountain Lakes & Valleys of Switzerland
             A Scottish Hourney
          Orkney & the Highlands                    Germany & Austria
                                                                    Germany & Austria Highlights
Ireland & Northern Ireland
                                                                   Turin to Zurich through the Alps
                    Ireland, the Emerald Isle
                 Corners of Southern Ireland        Eastern Europe
                                                                        Explore Eastern Europe
Italy & Malta                                                            Impressions of Russia

                        Italian Indulgence          Iceland, Scandinavia & Russia
              Tuscan Treats & the Cinque Terre
                                                                            Iceland Highlights NEW
                   Enchanting Southern Italy                          Norway: Fjords & Glaciers
                   Slow Food Tour of Puglia
                    The Splendours of Sicily                              Impression of Russia
      The Lakes & Mountains of Italy & Switzerland                       The Baltics Highlights

                     Sail the Bay of Naples NEW     Canals
                         Malta Highlights NEW                Champagne & Great War Cruise, 7 days
                                                                        Burgundy Cruise, 7 days
Croatia & Slovenia                                                     Loire Valley Cruise, 7 days

         Northern Italy, Slovenia and Croatia
            Croatia & The Dalmation Coast
                 Croatia Islands Sailing


                    Majestic Morocco

         For detailed itineraries and prices, and to see a video of the Back Road experience, please
         visit our web site at or contact us for the Back
         Roads Touring 2018 brochure.

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